Friday, August 30, 2013

Starting to Homeschool

Being homeschooled is a new experience.

I don't remember when my mom first mentioned the idea of homeschooling to me, but I remember liking the idea when she told me.

I miss school a little because I miss my friends but we start activities soon where I get a chance to meet new people in gymnastics, Spanish and other stuff I'm enrolled in. I love homeschooling so far.

I like being able to watch videos every day to learn new things. I've been watching different African folktales on Youtube before writing my own stories.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Things I Would Do If I Ruled the World

If I ruled the world the first thing I would do was arrest all the people for making our world how it is today because the world is bad now. I could make it better. The second thing I would do is clean up all of the trash and make sure there is no pollution in the air because pollution is very bad.

The third thing I would do is plant new trees so people could breath happier. Because plants help people breathe, I would do this. The fourth thing I would do is have everyone who is homeless get a home. Because homeless people could die if they don't have homes, I would give them homes.

The fifth thing I would do is ban normal cigarettes and have smokers use blue cigarettes instead.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Things That Make Me Smile

Money makes me happy because you can buy things with it.
My warm-up today was to tell about the five things that make me smile. I drew and wrote about seven things, but these were the top five.
Writing makes me happy because I like making characters.

My phone makes me happy because I can play games on it.

Books make me happy because I like to read.

Sleeping makes me happy because it makes me feel refreshed

Monday, August 19, 2013

5 Things I Want to Learn In Homeschool

My mom has me write a warm-up every day. The first warm-up asked me to tell the five things I want to learn while homeschooling this year. I wrote six.

The first thing I want to learn is how to grow fruit. I want to learn how to grow fruit because it seems very interesting and I like fruit. I also think that it would help with healthy eating.

The second thing I want to learn is French. I want to learn French because I like the way it sounds. Also, my mom could teach me most of it and the rest I could learn through apps on my phone.

The third thing I want to learn is yoga because I like to do things that show my flexibility. I want to learn yoga because it will teach us how to be more flexible. I would like to learn how to be more flexible than I am.

The fourth thing I would like to learn is how to be a better writer. I want to learn how to be a better writer so I could publish books. I also think that if I did that, I could make money at it by reading to kids.

The fifth thing I want to learn is how to design clothes. I want to learn how to design cloths because I want to make my own line of clothes. Also, I think I can make money at this.

The sixth thing I want to learn is how to make websites. I want to be a web designer because I think that it could be fun. And, I can help my friends make blogs.