Friday, September 6, 2013

The King's Drum (An Anansi Folk Tale)

This weekend, I narrated the story "The King's Drum" on a recording while my parents acted out the characters of the stories. You can hear me trying to hold back my laughter when my mother does the voices for the animals. This was fun. I liked drawing the pictures most of all. I didn't like the editing part, it took a long time. My father has a music studio in our house. He made our recording sound really good. My mom took photos of the drawings and made the video below.

I am going to do one for my own story next.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ceramics, Not Sarcasms

I keep calling ceramics "sarcasms" for some reason. My parents laugh at me every time I say that. It is pretty funny. We picked up the ceramic owl I got to paint during my sleepover weekend. We went to a place called "Paint This". I painted the owl first and then they cooked it in a kiln where it came out shiny and glossy. I might make a bowl next time we go. There are a lot of choices. My dad painted a vase. My friend Zamia painted a turtle for her mom.